Sustainable Design with your Brand
and the Planet in Mind

Epicurean Designs imagines unique brands and experiences for ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly businesses, that are relentless in their pursuit of eco-friendly packaging and materials, preserving high-value rainforests, and reducing the impact of our carbon footprint.

How can I serve you?


Your website will be built on WordPress, making it easier for you to take control of your content, images, and other forms of digital media.

This means a more efficient medium to move your content from 'words on a page', to an experience you're audience will enjoy.


Using popular programs such as Shopify and Magento, my approach to web design and development is structured in a way that enables me to create polished websites in the most straightforward manner.

Help & Support


It's Not Just Food...

It's an Experience!
Using the latest techniques and trends, I put you front and center by designing a beautiful, functional, and engaging digital brand experience unique to you. One that tells your story and boosts engagement with your brand.

Your Own Stage...

Your website will be built on the latest/greatest platforms for faster load times and a top notch experience for your audience.

This allows your audience to focus on your message and not a buggy infrastructure.

It Starts...

With the eyes...

There's a reason why they say we eat with our eyes. Great marketing melds the message, medium, and target together. It's like a chemical reaction that can be modeled, planned, and executed.. Kinda like making a soufleé!

We focus on the science, make a comprehensive plan, underpin sound deployment strategies, and measure with analytics so we can craft disruption together.

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